This is the latest film Stephen Vidano produced/directed for iEmpathize. The content is disturbing and not for young eyes and ears. The stories presented in this movie are sobering, to say the least. 

Human trafficking and the sex trade is alive and well. And it's not just "over there." It's serious business, with an emphasis on the word "business."

iEmpathize is an amazing organization that is utilizing the arts to bring awareness and life change to thousands of men and women, young boys and girls who are being exploited every day. Every night.

For these children the nightmare continues with out any way of escape. They can't close their eyes to the issue. They can't "turn it off." They will never be able to say "I've had enough" unless you and I do something.

I want to thank everyone for their amazing contribution to this film. I am not the same because of it.

Founder of iEmpathize: BRAD RILEY. Location Video Footage: TIM HILL. Location Audio Recording: JESSIE MAREK. Still Photography: PETE GIBSON. Music by SON LUX. Director / Editor: STEPHEN VIDANO.
a VIDANO FILMS production
Music by Ryan LottSon Lux