SE2 | Denver asked VIDANO Films to partner with them to produce the new Comcast “Connecting Colorado” TV campaign.

“Digital Connectors” (the first :30 second TV commercial of the campaign) started airing at the beginning of the year and provides an amusing look into Comcast’s ever expanding Digital Connectors program.

Partnering with local neighborhoods and community centers, Comcast trains young adults in computer skills, applications, and the internet. These young people, in turn, train others. The impact is extensive. Focusing on low-income communities, Comcast not only helps develop technical skills to those who can’t afford it, but also provides life skills and workforce preparation.

Behind The Scenes:
McNair played the roll of our job-seeking man. And Rachell Hartgens played the roll of our witty, tech-savvy teen. Both were total pros and a blast to work with. (We’ll let you know if we post some behind-the-scenes fun in the future.)

CREATIVE DIR | Amy Guttman
WRITER | James Glynn
PROD CO | Vidano Films
DIRECTOR | Stephen Vidano
PRODUCER | Robbie Repola