Rick Larson:  Lawyer / Producer / Creator - The Star of Bethlehem 

“Emotional power is central to my project. Video rarely takes an audience to the same emotional place as a live presentation—I was in danger of message dilution. I was looking for a director who could put in the viscera. Someone who could enable video to compete with live.
With Steve, I found what my project needed. The emotional power to affect audiences, just from pushing in the disc.”

 John Fornof:  Writer/ Director

“Stephen's work breathes with a passion for the best--filled with care and creativity, energy and excellence. It's something I call the Vidano Touch.  Take a moment to discover the attention to detail in Stephen's craft.  You'll quickly discover his projects sparkle with a unique ingenuity and a distinctive visual impact.”


 Melissa Cox:  Writer / Partner – Cox Creative

 “Stephen is a fantastic director. He always goes beyond to bring out the true story. His work is second to none. Simply put, he brings creativity to life.”

Norton Rainey:  Executive Director - ACE Scholarships

“Without question, the best investment our organization has made!”

 Alex Burton:  Administrative Director - The Institute

“Stephen Vidano was incredible to work with.  When we first decide to film a promo video, we were very skeptical that an outsider (director) could capture the true heart of our program as we know it.  It became apparent immediately that Stephen had caught our vision.  I was amazed when we received our final video.  It expressed the heart of our program in such a compelling manner.  It was far better than we had even dreamed it could be.
Over the past few years we have received several reports from students who indicate that the main reason they decided to apply to our program was because they watched our promo-video and were compelled to look further into it.  Thank you Stephen!"

Elena Strawbridge:  Development Director - Save Our Youth

“Stephen Vidano has a gifted ability of capturing the raw truth of a person's life and struggle on screen.  Stephen Vidano gets people to share from the bottom of their souls and it is powerful.  He captured the "heart" of mercy and compassion in living color.
This film is one of the best and most powerful ways that we can introduce our ministry with new people.  it's an incredible tool to have.  We have received back our investment in this project tenfold.
I've seen this video literally over 75 times and every time I am moved to tears." 

 Peter Droege:  Director of Marketing & Communications – The Daniels Fund

“I recently was asked to give a talk to a Rotary Club in Denver, and since they knew little about our program, decided to air the promotional video created by Stephen Vidano Films. I had not seen it for a few weeks, and found myself being moved almost to tears by the message. When I got up to continue my presentation, I saw many people in the room wiping their eyes and had to wait a few moments to allow people to compose themselves. This was a fairly typical reaction to the video.”

 Steve Watters:  Creator – TroubledWith.com

“When Focus on the Family wanted to produce a commercial for our TroubledWith.com Website, we were encouraged to give the project to Steve Vidano because of his ability to capture emotion effectively.  The quality of his work became evident as we began showing the spot around the office and watched people have an immediate and strong response.  While developing the spot for television, we were also given the opportunity to show a version in Times Square in New York City.  The power of the emotional images made it possible to easily adapt the spot in a setting that didn't accommodate audio.  This spot has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and has conveyed the heart of our TroubledWith outreach like nothing else we've produced.  It was a privilege to work with someone who so effectively combined a passion for film excellence and kingdom purposes.”