We partner with agencies, businesses, and organizations to communicate in visually arresting ways. Story first. Excite. Inspire. Motivate. Engage.


Stephen Vidano

DIRECTOR: Stephen's passion for storytelling goes far beyond mere video. As a drummer, and a student of effective messaging and brand strategy Stephen knows that connecting with audiences and communicating successfully includes more than a camera and crew.  It requires multiple tools from all disciplines of life. His obsession to tell stories with visually arresting imagery and compelling metaphors makes Vidano Films the go to place for narratives, TV commercials, docu-dramas, image pieces, promos, and more.

Work Philosophy

Story first. Ask questions. Brainstorm. Visually arrest. Emotionally connect. Thoroughness. Excellence. Team.

Adrian Chynoweth

PRODUCER: Over the years Adrian has been a driving force behind many of Vidano Films' productions. He is unbeatable at guiding creative ideas into practical plans, landing brilliant solutions to complex issues, and stomping out inconsistencies and unnecessary expenditures. Adrian ensures every element of a project is delivered on time and within budget...and somehow, he manages to make it all look easy.

Work Philosophy

Listen. Research. Strategic. Efficient. Solutions. Plan. Inspire action.


Elizabeth Webb Johnson

PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Elizabeth began her career in film production as an actor in New York City.  In 2010, she moved to Colorado, specifically to work with Vidano Films.  With a background in Fashion + Costume Design Elizabeth's talents are unending. She has filled roles such as Producer, Production Coordinator, Art Director, and Editor. Whether it's painting 4,000 orange peanuts for the Doritos hot tub scene, or it's creating an Einstein wig, Elizabeth runs circles around most people.

Work Philosophy

Details. Details. Resourcefulness. Outside the box. Options. Precision. Prepared. Create beauty. 


Luke Atencio - Composer

Luke has been DJ-ing, performing and composing music for bands, TV commercials, films, and documentaries for over ten years. His body of work includes Lexus, Comcast, NEST, Angel Armor, and the Tim Tebow "Tackle" Super Bowl spot, to name a few. He recently co-wrote the theme song "Miracle Hymn" (sung by Susan Boyle) for the theatrical release The Christmas Candle.  "Miracle Hymn" was also released on Susan Boyle's new Christmas album called Home For Christmas (Sony Music Entertainment).

Luke's passion for excellence, and his drive to create beautiful scores that elevate the visual story makes him a perfect partner for Vidano Films.