We are very excited to have finished production on the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad for Focus on the Family!  Stephen Vidano Films spent 2 months producing the spot from start to finish. The shoot took place in Orlando, Florida at the Full Sail University studios.

With the help of Brian Baugh (D.P.) Adrian Chynoweth (Production Coordinator), and Luke Atencio (Original Music Composition), Stephen Vidano and Mark Waters (Writer) directed Tim and Pam Tebow through their lines for the 2010 Focus on the Family Super Bowl commercials.

On Set:

Pam Tebow is a natural.  She is the picture of grace and perseverance as she delivers line after line; pushing for "just the right take" or "just the right inflection."  Pam's poise and beauty are truly evident in the final spots.  Hours later the atmosphere is "electric" as Tim walks on set.  Tim's infectious smile and light humor warms the sound stage, and creates a natural connection between mother and son.

Currently CBS is standing by their decision to air the TV commercials on the Super Bowl. A quote from CBS states:

"CBS is standing by its decision to air the spot. In a statement, the network said, "At CBS, our standards and practices process continues to adhere to a process that ensures all ads -- on all sides of an issue -- are appropriate for air." The network says it will continue to consider "responsibly produced" ads for all of the remaining time slots..."