We are very excited to announce the release of our most recent long form, 3 screen movie called Look Before You Leap, a dynamic 3 screen multi-media experience that takes relationship education to extreme heights (literally).

The red carpet premier of LBYL took place in Dallas, TX, and opened to an outstanding audience of over 600 people at the Dallas Flight Museum.  Projected on 3 screens (totalling over 45 feet wide) LBYL boasts an amazing bass thumping, seizure inducing, original score by music composer Luke Atencio.

The first scene of the movie opens with an eye popping stunt when JC Colcasure (skydiver extraordinaire and stunt man for Stunt Junkies and countless other shows) jumps from a plane at 3,000 feet and procedes to fall at 150 miles and hour and land in the back of a moving truck on the tarmac of a runway.  With 4 cameras rolling (including a helmet cam that JC was wearing) the scene kicks off the movie with incredible speed and energy.