Windows 8 Launch - Training Pt1

When Microsoft Windows 8 launched, Touch (advertising + marketing) reached out to us at Vidano Films to help them craft a series of very simple, yet appealing training videos for the roll out.  This was no small task as the videos had to be very specific.  With the help of Pipe & Tabor (design) Vidano Films got to work recreating the user interface and creating a fun, yet simple motion-graphics walk through of the new features of Windows 8.


The following campaign consists of a series of "shorts" created for The Navigators | NAVenture high-profile national event.  Key partners gathered from all over North America to share in one purpose and vision of becoming more effective disciples of Jesus.  Vidano Films was brought in to produce a series of evening-event videos that would lead people through the weekend, and captivate, motivate, and inspire.   

"Across The Nation" was the closing video for the weekend.  The goal was to bring an emotional exclamation point to the gathering and leave people excited about the progress taking place all across America.

With the invaluable help of Mike Heath (Magnus Creative) NAVenture was a huge success.


THE GOOD LIFE - With Grandpa Mac

Grandpa Mac is THE all around authority on life, the universe, and everything awesome! 

"The Good Life - With Grandpa Mac" is the latest in a series of high school discussion starters, created by VIDANO Films ( in partnership with Ed McVaney (co-founder of JD Edwards), to accompany the book "Living The Good Life".

The challenge was to create something memorable…to find a creative and entertaining way to engage young people in a discussion, and keep them coming back. Vidano immediately set out to create a BRAND for "The Good Life" series. And from that...  Lights.  Camera.  Action!  Grandpa Mac emerged...accompanied by quirks, humor, attitudes, opinions and all.

With the help of Dave Stotts and Tom Small (design + animation), VIDANO Films emerged with an unconventional, humorous, animation style seen in these productions. Narrated by Grandpa Mac's granddaughter, the topics are values-based. The style is definitely quircky. The humor...random.  But the message is spot on.

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