"Tilly" - A Made For TV Movie

Written by best selling author Frank Peretti, Stephen Vidano directed (in association with IMS Productions) the made-for-TV movie "Tilly" about a mother's journey to find the daughter she lost.  This touching film, brought to the small screen by Love Life America, deals with loss, forgiveness, and the sanctity of life.

For almost two decades, both as an audio drama and book, Frank Peretti's TILLY has gently touched people's hearts and changed lives.

Filmed on super 16mm film + ARRI SR3.          PRODUCTION CO. | IMS Productions         PRODUCER | Rochelle de Sá          DIRECTOR | Stephen Vidano          D.P. | MaxPaul Franklin          MUSIC | The Red Door - Brian Oaks


New York Times Best Seller - "The Prayer of Jabez" Book Promo

Challenged with the task of recreating the familiar biblical scene of Jabez (1 Cron. 4:9-10), Stephen Vidano (in association with IMS Productions, and Multnomah Publishing) directed and edited the book promo that brought The Prayer of Jabez to life.

Filmed on super 16mm + ARRI SR3.          PRODUCTION CO. | IMS Productions          PRODUCER | Rochelle de Sá          DIRECTOR + EDITOR | Stephen Vidano          D.P. | MaxPaul Franklin