The Star of Bethlehem

"For thousands of years, countless generations have been captivated by the story of how the stars foretold the coming of Christ.  And it has been difficult to see how the scientific and historical clues fit together…until now."

The Star of Bethlehem is a documentary produced by Rick Larson and Vidano Films that reveals many of the mysteries hidden in the biblical account of Matthew of the star of bethlehem.

The challenge for Vidano Films was to adapt Mr. Larson's research and stage presentation to the screen in a way that would carry the same amount of "emotional punch" while conveying a large amount of analysis and data.  In the end we realized that part of "the story" needed to include Mr. Larson's turbulent journey as he sought to discover the truth about the star.  With the help of Julie Larson's beautiful, heart-warming score, The Star of Bethlehem has been seen by literally millions, and has come alive in new and refreshing ways to people all around the world.

THE STORY: It’s an astronomical mystery. A strange star is claimed to have appeared at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This documentary is an investigation of the story found in the Biblical Gospel of Matthew.  It brings the words of Roman and Jewish historians alongside the visions of ancient prophets. It mixes “modern” mathematicians with murderous turmoil in the Roman imperial court. It combines all these with astronomical facts. And it concludes that the star was a real event. 

What others are saying...
"A convincing case...a mystery solved” Former Director, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
"This explanation of the Star is compelling...” NASA's Chief Engineer for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station
"Well-researched and reasonable” Former Chief of Planetary Astronomy, NASA, and Technical Editor, Sky & Telescope magazine
"Wide-ranging and insightful scholarship” President, American Association for the Advancement of Science


Play It Safe - Youth Anti-Abuse Series

Play It Safe

Vidano Films partnered with Cox Creative to help kids talk about healthy relationships and abuse. The "Play It Safe" series is being used in public schools as part of a classroom discussion with students about the risks and dangers of various forms of abuse. The messaging for each video is tailored to the target audience in order to ensure it is age appropriate and strategic.

The challenge was to create a short video for each grade that changed in is method and approach. Alan Cox (creative director) and Stephen Vidano were clear from the beginning that these movies needed to be more than just "instructionals" for kids. Each movie needed to engage kids, while presenting critical information.
Sexting. Date rape. Emotional abuse. Physical abuse. Unsafe touch. Inappropriate secrets. These are just a few of the topics covered with kids ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Advertising Agency | COX CREATIVE
Writer + Creative Director | ALAN COX
Production Co. | VIDANO FILMS
Director + Producer | STEPHEN VIDANO


Look Before You Leap - 3 Screen Movie

"Look Before You Leap" is a series of educational videos for teens that discuss healthy relationships and the risks of engaging in sexual activity at a young age. Projected on 3 x 20 foot screens, Look Before You Leap has been shown at high schools all across the United States, and boasts an amazing bass thumping, seizure inducing, music score, eye popping sky diving stunts, and the always hilarious host Justin Lookadoo.

AGENCY | Cox Creative
PRODUCTION CO. | Vidano Films
DIRECTOR + D.P. | Stephen Vidano
CO-PRODUCER | Rochelle de Sá
MUSIC | Luke Atencio