Having been defeated by an office colleague, Stanlee turns the tables with the help of a tasty snack. See him get his revenge with #DoritosVictory.  Follow Stanlee's lead and share your VICTORY MOMENTS...big or small. https://www.facebook.com/DoritosVictory

Every once in a while we like to take a break to do a pet project.  "Doritos Victory" was that project for us this year.  As part of the "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Ad Contest" Vidano Films, partnered with Bill Herebic, and Jerry Melchisedeck to create a Doritos TV spot that went far beyond the ad itself.  In an effort to create a community following we invited people to share their own "victory moments"…big or small at https://www.facebook.com/DoritosVictory


Tebow Super Bowl TV Ads

After 3 months of planning…writing...filming test spots...composing, re-writing, and trying to finalize production details...the Tim Tebow Super Bowl spots finally aired!

Focus on the Family set out to tell a simple, endearing story that would show the strength of family and draw people to their newly branded site.

With the help of Brian Baugh (D.P.) Adrian Chynoweth (Production Coordinator), and Luke Atencio (Original Music Composition), Stephen Vidano and Mark Waters directed Tim and Pam Tebow for the Focus on the Family Super Bowl XLIV commercials. 


Comcast TV Campaign - Digital Connectors

VIDANO Films partnered with SE2 | Denver to produce the new Comcast "Connecting Colorado" TV campaign. 

"Hot Spot" (the first :30 second TV commercial of the campaign) provides an amusing look into Comcast's ever expanding Digital Connectors program.  

Partnering with local neighborhoods and community centers, Comcast trains young adults in computer skills, applications, and the internet. These young people, in turn, train others. The impact is extensive.  Focusing on low-income communities, Comcast not only helps develop technical skills to those who can't afford it, but also provides life skills and workforce preparation.


ACE Scholarships - "Choice. It Works." TV Campaign

Part of the ACE Scholarships television campaign, "Square Peg" highlights the truth that "Not all children learn the same way."

ACE partnered with Vidano Films (www.vidano.com) to produce a television campaign highlighting the success of ACE scholars. 

For over a decade ACE has helped parents find the right school for their children. Whether that's public, private, charter, or another alternative, ACE cares about helping families and children succeed, graduate from high school, and go on the to college of their choice. With a graduation rate of over 90%, ACE is truly making a difference in the lives of thousands of families all across the metro Denver area. And now ACE is making a difference in Montana and other states.

Visit ACE Scholarships to learn more.     PRODUCTION | Vidano Films     ANIMATION | Greg Neumayer     MUSIC | Tune Society